How It Works

1. Be Nice   |  Get caught in a nice act, recieve your Nice Card. 

2. Enter Your Card   |  Enter your card number on our website. (enter here)

3. Get Rewarded   |  Win a prize if your card number is chosen during our monthly Nice Card eRaffle (see prizes here). *eRaffle winners are encouraged to "pay nice forward" by handing/pulling out 3 new Nice Cards that we package with prizes, creating a small ripple of niceness through our world.

The Story 

I created The Nice Cards Project to reward individuals' niceness while promoting and incentivizing good will in world. People can be grumpy, crabby or rude, especially during winter seasons. Seeing these types of people can either create a disrespect for humanity or instead an extreme appreciation for those opposing individuals that operate with kindness.

Though I give [prizes & props] to these individuals through the project's eRaffle, I receive much along my life's journey. First, I recieve the constant reminder that people are good. This causes me to refocus on the good in our world rather than the negative generated by over-stressed individuals within society. Lastly, the Nice Card Project also reminds me to practice kindness in challenging moments, remembering you always have the opportunity to pull the nice card over being a rude, mean grump to others. In this way, there's a constant payment forward of nice acts & kind moments found in our day-to-day interaction with eachother.

Why An eRaffle? 

This project started with me handing out gift cards...gift cards to well-known retailers which all recipients could find value in using no matter their walks of life. However, interestingly enough as the project progressed, I started to notice more and more nice acts as time went on. The net result was that I didn't have enough money to support giving out gift cards to each nice pupil, sometimes up to 3 times per day.

I needed a solution that didn’t drain my funds too quickly. After months of trail and error, the idea of a monthly raffle came to me. Ultimately, it allowed me to budget my monthly giving while still being able to be active in each nice act seen and reward nice acts, big or small.

Thank You

Thanks for earning your place on the Nice Card team. To those of you in the eRaffle, good luck,


Steve C., Creator & Card Giver


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